Dylan and Cedric Sexjacking Ludo's Bed

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With Dylan Menoboy and Cédric Libert

Between the shooting of two scenes of the movie “Incarceration”, the actors stay at Ludo's. Dylan and Cédric Libert have nothing better to do than have sex in Ludo's bedroom while Ludo is out. After a long reciprocal oral sex session, Dylan takes care of Cédric's ass and ploughs him in a variety of positions. However, they are not really focused and keep messing around during the entire shooting. So much so that Dylan pulls a muscle trying to fuck Cédric in an acrobatic position. Finally, after fucking in Ludo's bedroom and cuming on his sheets, Cédric and Dylan start chatting. They congratulate themselves on their fee for the movie. Then, they squat in the bathroom, use Ludo's bathrobe and everything they can find... Ludo will go crazy when he comes back and when he sees the mess. Menoboy Studios' shootings are, for sure, the shootings where you have the most fun in the adult film industry.
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  • Models: Dylan Menoboy and Cédric Libert
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