Menoboy Studios' First Straight Scene

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Menoboy Studios' First Straight Scene
bisous Menoboy Studios' First Straight Scene
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Discover the first straight scene shot by Menoboy Studios, starring Jessy Dog, this fall's up-and-coming actor. In this scene, Mallory More gets her butt cheeks spanked by Jessy. After going down on each other, Jessy goes wild on Mallory's ass... FYI, Jessy Dog was the one who asked us to shoot a straight scene. Right away, we accepted to take up the challenge. Since we really liked Jessy's body, we offered him the lead role in the gay movie “Incarceration”. He accepted and he also shot his first gay scenes, of which he is really proud. Even if you only like gay porn videos, give it a try because this scene is really, really hot. Of course, it a gay guy who filmed the scene. As a consequence, you will tend to see more of Jessy's dick than Mallory's pussy.
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  • Porn gay director Timcam
  • Models: Jessy Dog and Mallory Moore
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