Brace Yourself Amir...

France - 16 minutes - available in HD 720p

Brace Yourself Amir...
porno gay fran├žais Brace Yourself Amir...
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With John Despe, Jessy Dog and Amir Djeda

John Despe and Jessy Dog are at Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier. John knows the Arab gogo who is pole dancing on the stage. He tells his friend, Jessy Dog, that he has already fucked the young hottie in the restroom of another bar. So, John makes a suggestion: that the two of them fuck young Amir. Jessy is pretty reluctant because he is not really into guys' asses. But soon, he caves in. Amir is getting pounded hard by <em>Monsieur</em> Despe's cock. Brace yourself Amir, John wants some piece of ass and you're up (again).
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: John Despe, Jessy Dog and Amir Djeda
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