Gay Sentier

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Gay Sentier
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In the Sentier district in Paris, a neighborhood traditionally known for its textile industry, three young gay men walk up to the top floor of a warehouse, under the roof, for a direct sex session, no chit chat. Evan Equiel and Phoenix Jones take out their big dicks offering them to Mister Emilio Segura's hungry mouth. Emilo services Evan's dick while Evan's tongue gently swirls around Phoenix's cock head. Then, Evan decides to enlarge Emilio's ass hole. Not to make Phoenix jealous, Evan gives way to him, after a while. There is no doubt Emilio is relishing in this sex session, getting alternatively fucked by these two hot tops. He enjoys this threesome so much that he eventually unleashes huge loads of cum, some ropes of which are spurted on the neck of one of his partners. What a powerful cum shot!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Evan Equiel and Emilio Segura
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