Dimitri and Malik's Fusion

French - 28 minutes - available in HD 720p

Dimitri and Malik's Fusion
faire amour gay Dimitri and Malik's Fusion
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On the shooting Dimitri and Malik spent a lot of time together. Between the two, it really hit it off. On this gay video by Menoboy Studios, they are not shooting a porn scene but rather, they are making love, passionate love.

Dimitry Leskov kisses Malik TN. Then, he runs his tongue down Malik's chest to his crotch. He takes out Malik's monster cock and sucks it passionately. After a hot 69, Dimitry decides to fuck his friend up the ass. Malik takes it deep and moans a bit. But then, they switch positions. Malik gently spins Dimitri around to slide his dick in. Although mostly a top, Dimitri does not resist. He lets the monster cock in, even if it is a little bit painful at first. Malik ploughs him for quite a while before reaching climax and shooting his load.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Malik TN and Dimitri Leskov
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