Horny Jessy Fucks a Corrections Officer

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Horny Jessy Fucks a Corrections Officer
Jessy-Dog acteur Horny Jessy Fucks a Corrections Officer
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Jessy Dog is straight. He has a girlfriend waiting for him outside. Ever since he was locked up, he has been missing Mallory's pussy a lot. After his fight with John at the cafeteria, the other day, he was sent to the isolation wing. However, there is nothing much to do there except jerking off thinking about the last time he fucked his girlfriend. While the corrections officer does his rounds, Jessy shouts at him: “You like my dick, don't cha, big slut?” The officer takes the hint and walks into the punishment cell to suck the inmate's cock. Jessy is craving for sex so much that he ploughs him hard. This Parisian scum spanks the officer until he is scarlet. Once both of them have cum, the officer will resume his rounds.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Jessy Dog and Morgan Daix
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