Retaliation Fuck

France - 7 minutes - available in HD 720p

Retaliation Fuck
john rempli par les co detenus de jus Retaliation Fuck
gay porn viol menoboy

With Dylan Menoboy, John Despe and Jessy Dog

Dylan and Jessy Dog set a trap for John Despe. They ambush him in the laundry room where he is in charge of laundry. The two men immobilize him and fuck him in turns. Since he is a top, John is not particularly enjoying it. The victim tries to get away to shorten his suffering but the two do not loosen their grip on him. Dylan and Jessy dilate his ass so much that John screams in pain. In the end, the two men leave him here after smearing him with their spunk!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Dylan Menoboy, John Despe and Jessy Dog
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