“A voté” – My Ballot in Your Box

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“A voté” – My Ballot in Your Box
sodomie gay arabe et francais métis “A voté” – My Ballot in Your Box
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Menoboy Studios has opened a very special kind of polling station in Montpellier. It is a gay polling station with the highest voter turnout in France. The voting booths are well-equipped and whether you belong to the Top Party or the Bottom Party, your ballot will be put into the box. Menoboy Studios has followed two voters: Julyann Roch, from right-leaning Top Party and young gay Arab hottie Raphael Yeaah from the Sexual Democratic Party, aka, the Bottom Party. Watching this gay documentary film, you will understand why our polling station has such a low abstention rate. However, you will also have to take into account the fact that we have a lot of blank votes. A video exceptionally starring Ludovic Peltier.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Raphaël Yeaahh and Julyann Roch
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