My Week-End in the South of France

French - 19 minutes - available in HD 720p

gay levrette anal sex My Week-End in the South of France
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Raphael is back in Lille after a busy week-end in Montpellier. In his apartment, he tells his gay friend about his hot adventures in southern France. Raphael's tan is very nice since he went to a nude gay beach, called “l'Espiguette”. His friend is really curious and asks him if he can see his tanned body. Raphael agrees to show him. He starts kissing him and then undresses him to take out his fat cock. In the end, his friend doesn't have time to check out his tan ;)
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Raphaël Yeaahh and Julien Des
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