Hot Quickie

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Hot Quickie
Dylan baise Zack taylor Hot Quickie
gay porn exhib menoboy

Dylan went camping with Zack and other guys for some kind of outdoor gay week-end. At one point, they decide to go for a walk, away from the camp. They want to find a quite place to fuck because they don't have much privacy in their tent. Luckily, they find a nice-looking abandoned building, with colorful graffitis. Dylan takes out his dick right away and gets it sucked by Zack. Then, Dylan takes off his shorts to shove his meaty cock into Zack's ass. To a hectic rhythm, he drills the young Italian hottie's ass. He fucks him so roughly that Zack screams like hell. Gimme more!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Dylan Menoboy, Dimitri Leskov, Zack Taylor, Greg Centuri, Hayden Obry and Misexi
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