My Passionate Moment With a “Bel Ami”

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My Passionate Moment With a “Bel Ami”
beau fessier bien écarté My Passionate Moment With a “Bel Ami”
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The day after a show organized by Menoboy Studios at Tchouka, a club in Lille, Dylan really fell for our new recruit, Tim Loux. Instantly, the two hotties tied a fusional passion. Around noon, I decided to go into their room to wake them up, but, surprisingly enough, they were already making out. Without wasting any second, I turned on my video camera and captured this magical moment. It's truly one of my best memories as a movie director. You'll see Tim Loux's debuts as an actor. So, cave in to this genuine shared passion for a “bel ami”.

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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Dylan Menoboy and Tim Loux
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