Will Moaning

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Will Moaning
ejaculation faciale en double Will Moaning
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Three buddies have decided to go on vacation together in southern France. Lock up gay guys in a nice house and there is bound to be some hot fun… On the day of their arrival, Evan and Will want to baptize the place they are renting. They start blowing each other in the stair-case while their buddy is unpacking upstairs. Sitting back in the stairs, Evan gets a juicy blowjob from Will, who also hungrily licks his friend’s balls. Will live with his parents and this vacation is the first opportunity he’s had in weeks to have sex! And he is in for quite a treat! He runs his hungry lips up and down on Evan’s pole and the hot stud is loving it! Evan soon spins the cute twink around, bends him over and jams his hard dick into Will’s cock-craving hole. While the two friends are fucking in the stair-case, their third buddy, Mathai, walks past them, with the intention of going to the beach. He looks at them with exasperation: he doesn’t want to spend his vacation in the house and he prefers to go out and to enjoy some fresh air. He is about to walk out when he changes his mind. What the hell! He can take ten minutes to have some fun. So, he whips out his dick and shoves it into Will’s mouth. One dick in his ass and another one in his mouth, Will is overjoyed! While Evan is drilling his hole, Will is sucking Mathai’s dick. On all fours and then on his back, this hungry bottom is loving being be at the disposal of two horny tops. Evan goes wild on his ass but Will can’t get enough and asks for more. So, it’s Mathai’s turn to enjoy Will’s cock-craving hole. He fucks him nice and good while Evan gets blown. Evan then decides to spice up this hot sex session by plowing Mathai while he is plowing Will. The three buddies chain-fuck for their pleasure… As well as yours… Then, after blowing one another, there comes Will’s long-expected moment: he takes his friend’s dicks in his mouth and is ready to receive their loads: a hot double facial cum-shot to top it all… With this unexpected three-some, you can say that their vacation starts pretty well…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Evan Pamish, Mathai and Will Nevil
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