Arab Boy Hammered in the Restroom

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sodo dans les toilettes Arab Boy Hammered in the Restroom
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Dylan walks past a young Arab guy at a sex club in Lille, “Le Cube”. Raphael, the Arab hottie, follows Dylan into the restroom to check out his dick. Since he is already hard, Dylan gets his dick sucked before spreading Raph's butt cheeks and sliding his dick in. Then, he literally breaks his ass. Raphael loves the way Dylan energetically thrusts his dick in and out. He loves it so much that he comes all over himself quite rapidly. But Raphael keeps going for at least 5 more minutes. Finally, he shoots his load on Raphael's face. A nice facial cum shot ;)
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Raphaël Yeaahh and Dylan Menoboy
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