In the Shower with Angel

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In the Shower with Angel
beau coup de queue In the Shower with Angel
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Angel is getting ready to go to work while his boyfriend, Lou, is taking a shower. When Lou wants to give Angel a kiss before he is off to work, he grabs his boyfriend and pulls him in shower. Lou rubs his body up against Angel’s whose clothes are drenched. But that’s ok, Angel does need more to get convinced to stay a little longer with his boyfriend… If even it means he is going to be late for work… His priority is to spend some hot quality time with his boyfriend. Lou undresses Angel and starts giving him a nice blowjob. Angel is soon on his knees to blow Lou’s already-hard dick in return. They quickly go down to business and Angel turns around to welcome Lou’s pole in his warm hole. He gets plowed in this hot standing-fuck position. His boyfriend goes wild on his ass and you can hear the sound of flesh flapping flesh… Then, Angel gets on all fours and surprise, it’s not his dick that Lou shoves in his hole but his fist! And Angel fucking loves it! To give him even more pleasure, Lou runs his tongue from the small of his boyfriend’s back to his neck while fist-fucking him. He then gives him a short break, sliding his tongue in his well-dilated hole before fist-fucking him some more and, this time, his fist glides right in… After getting his ass worked pretty intensively, Angel decides to top his boyfriend… It is his turn now to fuck him in the shower. He goes wild on his boyfriend’s ass to make him feel every inch of his rock-hard throbbing cock! It is pretty nice to be versatile when you are in a relationship: it multiplies possibilities! They end up sucking each other. Angel is the first one to climax. He shoots several ropes of cum on his stomach before receiving Lou’s load on his chest. Angel is really really late but it was worth it…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Loan Damon and Angel Damon
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