Tim Loux’s Steaming Hot Hookup

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Tim Loux’s Steaming Hot Hookup
acteur porno Tim Loux’s Steaming Hot Hookup
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Since he has his afternoon off, Tim decides to give his fuck-buddy a booty call. When the muscular hottie arrives to his apartment, Tim has just gotten out of the shower. So, he asks him to have a seat in the living-room and to make himself at home, while he finishes getting ready. Very soon, the French twink joins his friend naked as a worm: he heads towards him and after a quick juicy French-kiss, he starts blowing his muscular hottie of a friend. Why bother with foreplays when you know where this is heading? That’s Tim’s philosophy and apparently his friend does not seem to mind. As usual, Tim is craving for sex and he swallows his friend’s dick right away. He blows him nice and good, downing his throbbing cock deep in his warm throat. His fuck-buddy is familiar with Tim’s juicy blowjobs but every time he enjoys them more and he moans louder and louder. Tim relishes in his friend’s hard cock. He runs his wet mouth up and down this mouth-watering shaft. After this hot oral sex session, the two friends decide to take it to the next level. Tim wants to get fucked the way he likes: hard and in different positions. He starts impaling himself on his fuck-buddy’s upright dick and bounces up and down on it. He then leaves him in charge and gets fucked on his back by his muscular stud of a friend, who shoves his dick deep inside Tim’s cock-craving hole. As usual, Tim cannot get enough and he asks his friend to plow him harder. The hot stud relentlessly slams his dick into Tim’s welcoming hole and fucks him harder and harder. They are both sweating their skins off, over-excited by this steaming hot hookup. Finally, the two friends shoot their loads at the same time in a climax that testifies to the intensity of the intimate pleasure they have just shared.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Tim Loux
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