Kilian and Evan

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Kilian and Evan
ejaculation faciale Kilian and Evan
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Menoboy Studios’ hottie, Evan Pamish, is not shy. He is in vacation with a friend of his, Killian, in a nice apartment in southern France and, while Killian is taking a bath, Evan walks into the bathroom to have a shower. There is no need to feel uncomfortable between pals… But Evan cannot help peeping at his friend, while in the shower. Feeling the hot water on his skin and knowing that his friend is in the same room, naked in his bath, turn him on. He starts stroking his dick, which becomes rock-hard… Then, he realizes that he could have some fun with his buddy. So, he walks out of the shower, heads towards the bathtub and starts kissing him. Killian, who didn’t see him, is not surprised and he kisses him back. He turns around in the bathtub and takes his friend’s hard dick in his mouth. He blows him at length, moving his juicy lips up and down on Evan’s dong. Killian surely knows to take care of Evan… Then, on the floor, the two friends start fucking. Killian rides Evan’s dick and takes it up his ass nice and hard. They then go on with a standing fuck up against the bathtub. Killian moans louder and louder as Evan drills his hole harder and harder. The two friends surely have a lot of imagination position-wise: on a chair, Killian impales himself on Evan’s dick before getting plowed doggiestyle on the rim of the bathtub, in a very acrobatic yet hot position. They are both enjoying this anal sex session and do not seem to have enough of it. Finally, Evan shoots a huge load on Killian’s sweet face. Killian finds himself covered in creamy cum. He is up for another shower! But it was worth it!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Kilian Smith and Evan Pamish
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