My Secret Rendez-Vous with My Lover

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My Secret Rendez-Vous with My Lover
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Guillaume and Stephen have arranged to meet at the beach to talk. They have been secretly seeing each other for a few months. But Steven is in a relationship with Elias and Guillaume is tired of this unbearable situation. Last week, he gave Steven an ultimatum: he had to think about their situation and choose between his lover and his boyfriend. But everyone knows that choosing is refusing and Steven is not ready to refuse. Even if he is torn between his lover and his boyfriend, he is rather ok with the situation. As he shares his doubts with Guillaume, the conversation starts heating up. Since he realizes that Steven will never leave Elias to be with him, Guillaume's disappointment grows and he asks his lover to drive him home. However, when they park in front of his building, Guillaume offers Steven to come up so that they should not part on a negative note. Steven hesitates at first but he eventually caves in. However, rather than talking, the two lovers engage in what they do best: fuck. Words are unnecessary: they do not need to talk to express that mutual desire that is burning inside them. Guillaume starts hungrily blowing Steven's hardening rod before Steven returns the hot favor. Then, Guillaume lies on his stomach and gets his manhole expertly eaten out by his hot lover. To take it to the next level, Steven lies on his back and lets Guillaume ride his hard cock. The sexy stud plows his lover's ass in this hot sit-fuck before fucking him the old-fashioned way, in the missionary position, and, then, doggystyle. As a very horny bottom, Guillaume relished in this hot ass-drilling session. But the intensity of this sex session is maybe due to the fact that it is not just mere sex between them. Let's face the truth. The way Guillaume moans as well as the way Steven passionately kisses his lover testify that there is really something genuine here. And Steven could just be one step away from making this so-called impossible love possible... Or he just needs to open his eyes and realize who his dear boyfriend really is. But in the end, isn't it what makes a love story really beautiful? The fact that the star-crossed lovers can never be together?
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Xavio Kix, Steven Dick and Guillaume Asko
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