Brian and Xavio Revisiting the Hot Male Nurse Fantasy

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Brian and Xavio Revisiting the Hot Male Nurse Fantasy
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With Xavio Kix, Bryan Bellas and Markiza Moi

Bryan Bellas and Xavio Kix are dropping by to check up on Markiza Moi who injured himself in a crash that has obliged him to leave the competition. After inquiring after his health, the two teammates ask him if they can take a shower. They just get back from practice and their pungent smell somehow inconveniences the wounded hottie... Still full of energy in spite of their afternoon of practice, Xavio starts cruising Bryan, who pulls him along to the shower for them to get busy without getting caught by Markiza. But when their Eastern-European friend brings them towels, he is quick to join in, oblivious of his injuries. There starts a hot threesome between the three athletes. Xavio eagerly blows his two teammates swallowing Bryan's dick down his throat before turning to Markiza's. Then, Bryan stands between them and he sucks Xavio's big tool while getting his ass eaten out by Markiza's expert tongue. The pack of hotties then move it to the bedroom to get down to real business. Bryan gets boned by Xavio, who struggles to shove his thick meat up his teammate's tight ass – but he is not one to shrink from a challenge – while his Easter-European friend takes care of his cock-hungry mouth. After drilling him hard, Xavio yields his place to Markiza, who plows the young rider's now-wide-open ass. Their anal fucking session is so hot that Xavio unleashes a heavy load of hot cum watching them. Even if Xavio has pulled out of the race, Markiza enjoys Bryan's warm dilated ass some more before shooting his spunk on his slutty bottom's balls and ass. With considerate friends like Bryan and Xavio, Martik's convalescence will probably be brief. Meanwhile, for want of climbing up Mont Ventoux, he climbs on hot dudes rather unimpaired by his injuries. It is as athletic and maybe more enjoyable.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Xavio Kix, Bryan Bellas and Markiza Moi
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