And Yet Another Cumshot for Tim

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And Yet Another Cumshot for Tim
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With Tim Loux

While he is in Montpellier to participate in the shooting of Menoboy Studios’ soon-to-be-released movie, Hostages, Jessy introduces 23-year-old Steve to Tim Loux. But the meeting is kind of special: the deal is to surprise Tim in his sleep, who, by the way, was fucked yesterday. The two guys sneak in the crew’s apartment and find Tim lying on his bed, in a jock-strap, his ass wide open! Our favorite submissive bottom soon wakes up only to find Steve spitting in his hole… He doesn’t struggle and enjoys the situation. Steve sticks his tongue in Tim’s hungry hole. Then, Tim turns around and decides to swallow the stranger’s semi-erect sausage for breakfast… Even if he is not hard, the guy’s dick is already huge and Tim expert mouth makes it stiffen quickly. Tim blows him with envy before giving him his mouth to fuck. And Steve goes wild, shoving his dick down Tim’s throat. When the hot stud takes off his shirt, Tim realizes that behind this big dick there is a smoking hot body! So, once again, Tim offers his ass to his unexpected visitor, who soon slams his big tool into Tim’s cock-craving hole. A nice ass-drilling session just the way Tim loves! But no sooner has Steve started to bone him than Tim is asking for more… As usual… He wants to get plowed harder and harder and his hot stud obeys… Steven then bangs Tim on his back but the submissive bottom enjoys it so much that he climaxes, which does not prevent the hot stud from carrying on… And Tim enjoys it very much… Steve finally pulls out and gets blown some more by Tim before shooting several ropes of cum. After eating a nice sausage for breakfast, Tim starts the day with a hot cum shower… What else?
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