Mickey Taylor’s Hot Hook-Up In Paris

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Mickey Taylor’s Hot Hook-Up In Paris
grosse bite dans le cul Mickey Taylor’s Hot Hook-Up In Paris
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Mickey Taylor, the hot British Lad from Menoboy Studios’ latest movie, Visiting, has been in love with France since his last trip and all the sex he had with French cuties. So, he decided to come to Paris for his vacation and have some more fun. Always eager to meet new people, Mickey comes across a hottie that has just arrived from Prague. He invites him to come hang out in his hotel room and they start chatting. Nicolas shows him pictures of his hottest hookups and tells him the story of this guy who had shot a massive load on his face and chest! Mickey is not that surprised and tells him he can also shoot impressive loads. He can spew his goo as far as 60 inches away! Our Czech cum-lover wants action and not words to see if Mickey is not just big fat liar. So, they start fucking. He gives him a very nice blow job, guzzling down the hot British lad’s tattooed dick before getting his ass pounded hard in a variety of sexy positions… An English ONLY scene between two international gay porn models that will not leave you indifferent!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Mickey Taylor and Nicolas Cosmi
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