Julius Caesar’s sexual fight against a Gladiator

France - 19 minutes - available in HD 720p

Julius Caesar’s sexual fight against a Gladiator
Julius Caesar’s sexual fight against a Gladiator
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With Angel Damon and Enzo Rimenez

Between two military offensives against Gaul, Julius Caesar is relaxing on a sofa with a gladiator, who has just won his very first fight. To reward him he offers him the finest Italian wine. But soon, the conversation becomes more personal and Caesar, to whom you cannot say no clearly expresses his intention to have a taste of this young hottie’s ass. The gladiator is all too glad to satisfy the Roman Emperor’s secret desires and he stands up to kiss his juicy lips. Then, he drops down to his knees to swallow Caesar’s shaft. He moves his hot wet mouth up and down on his master’s hard cock, swirling his tongue on the head of Caesar’s juicy cock. After tasting the ephebe’s shaft, the Roman Emperor temporarily lets the gladiator have the upper hand: the young hottie spits in Caesar’s mouth, slaps his face and shoves his rock-hard cock down the emperor’s welcoming throat. Then, starts a fight to determine who will top whom but finally, the young gladiator gives up and he bends over in front of Caesar to offer him his young sweet ass. First, he gets his hole drilled on all fours on the couch. Then, he rides Caesar’s hard cock, treating him with hot hips movements that make the Roman Emperor moan with pleasure. Finally, Cesar shoots his load on the gladiator’s chest to assert his victory on his hot gladiator.
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Angel Damon and Enzo Rimenez
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