My Serial Fuckers

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Sahaj, an Arab hottie, is visiting Paris. He is staying at Adem’s, a friend of his. Since there has always been some kind of sexual attraction between them, he takes advantage of the situation to nail his buddy on his way out of the shower, when he is naked and exposed. Adem is always up for some fun and lets his friend kiss him gently in the middle of the bathroom. Soon, Adem’s towel falls on the ground and Sahaj starts blowing his buddy on the rim of the tub. He works his juicy lips up and down on Adem’s hard prick. After several minutes of hot oral sex, they head into the living room. Arny, Adem’s roommate has overheard them and he is waiting for them, naked, on the couch… Adem and Sahaj don’t seem to mind Arny joining in… The more the merrier, right? The Arab hottie is really hungry and he is in for some treat. He has two nice rock-hard dicks just for him… He moves his mouth from one dick to the other, without forgetting to stroke the one he is not blowing. There is no denying the fact that Sahaj is an expert in threesomes! He knows how to handle this kind of situation! After getting blown at length, Arny decides to enjoy Sahaj’s sweet ass. So, he starts fucking him! At first sight, you might think that Arny is calm and quiet but his energetic thrusts are impressive! He goes wild on Sahaj’s manhole! But the jock-strap-wearing, cock-craving, cum-loving slut loves it! Arny drills him harder and faster, shoving his hard thick dick deep inside his guest’s hot welcoming hole! On all fours on the couch, doggie-style on the ground, on his back, Sahaj gets pounded ceaselessly by Arny. All the while, Adem gets blown, enjoying the ass-drilling session that unfolds in front of him. At one point, to give Sahaj a short break, Arny pulls out and lets Adem eat his jock-strap wearing slut of a friend out. He enjoys having some taste of this warm, well-dilated hole but he soon gives Arny back his place. Arny resumes pounding him, Sahaj’s well-rounded butt bouncing at each of the hot stud’s powerful thrusts. Then, Adem joins in for a hot DP. Sahaj would have never dared to ask for it but he is ecstatic! He is loving it so much! He arches his back to get the two dicks deep inside of him… Sahaj can’t get enough. So, he takes Adem to the bathroom, where it all started and gets pounded for quite a while… Finally, Arny joins in so they can climax together. In the tub, Arny and Adem shoot their creamy loads on Sahaj. There is one thing for sure: the two hotties are very welcoming hosts and Sahaj would have never found a better place to stay…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Adem Lukas, Sahaj and Arny
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