No, I’ll Top You !

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No, I’ll Top You !
défonce gay No, I’ll Top You !
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Since his parents are at work, Eric takes advantage of having the apartment to himself to have his fuck-buddy, Yohan, over. He calls him whenever he is horny, usually once a week. Without wasting any time chitchatting, the hot twinks start making out in the kitchen. Soon off come the T shirts and Eric takes his friend to the living-room. He tells him to kneel down and to suck on his dick, which is still rather soft… Without saying anything, Yohan complies with his friend’s request. He swallows Eric’s dick, which starts becoming harder and harder in Yohan’s skillful mouth. Then, it is Yohan’s turn to get a blowjob from his friend but, contrary to Eric, he is already hard. They blow each other in turns for a little while and soon Yohan gets on all fours to get eaten out. At first sight, you would have thought that Yohan was a submissive bottom but, unexpectedly, there comes a twist and it’s Eric who gets topped by Yohan. Yohan plunged his thick pole into Eric’s welcoming hole and he starts fucking him hard. Eric starts moaning louder and louder. He arches his back to feel Yohan’s thick dick deep inside of him. On his part, Yohan spreads his friend’s cheeks to pound him nice and good, just the way he loves. After getting fucked doggie-style, Eric sits on his fuck-buddy’s dick and bounces up and down on it, before finally getting boned on his back. That’s some hot ass-drilling session that this armchair is witnessing. But mind the cum-shot! Let’s just hope that Mom and Dad will not notice anything wrong when they come back from work… It would be too bad to get caught because of a spot of cum… They would understand what their dear son is doing behind their backs…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Yohan Chatel and Eric Angeletti
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