Fuck Me In The Fridge

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Fuck Me In The Fridge
ejaculation faciale Fuck Me In The Fridge
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Chrys is coming back from work and finds his boyfriend, Kenny, doing the dishes. Chrys was supposed to do the grocery. So, when his boyfriend shows him the empty fridge, Chrys knows that he does not have any other choices but to shut up and take his punishment in silence. And Kenny has a very particular kind of punishment in mind. He puts his boyfriend’s face into the fridge and starts fondling his butt-cheek, running his hands all over his boyfriend’s slim body. Then, he squats down to lower Chrys’ jeans and grabs a bottle of milk. While asking him to stay still, Kenny opens the bottle and pours a thin trickle of milk on his back. Since he does not want to waste any food, Kenny puts his tongue between Chrys’ cheeks and licks the cold white liquid that is running down his boyfriend’s back and ass. Then, Kenny decides to eat Chris out, while slapping him to remind him of the mistake he made. Soon, Chrys starts blowing Kenny up against the kitchen counter while Kenny is fixing himself a nice toast. There is nothing like fixing yourself your favorite treat while getting a nice treat… So why not mingle the pleasures? Chrys is hungry as well but he is craving for something else: Kenny’s tasty dick that he swallows with some unquenchable thirst! After sucking his boyfriend’s dick at length, Chrys must go through the second part of his punishment by getting fucked hard up against the counter. Then, the cute couple heads toward the bone of contention and Chrys gets plowed with his head in the fridge. On the bright side, it helps him keep cool while his ass is going through some steamy hot action! Kenny moves his dick in and out of his boyfriend’s manhole. He’s rough and you can hear the sound of flesh flapping flesh! After getting fucked hard, Chrys gets covered in white liquid for the second time but this time it’s creamy and warm… Next time, he will think twice before forgetting the chores he is entrusted with…
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  • Models: Kenny Carlson and Chrys
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