Fantasizing on My Best Friend’s Little Brother

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Fantasizing on My Best Friend’s Little Brother
Fantasizing on My Best Friend’s Little Brother
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With Matt Lopez and Carlo Sata

Carlo drops by to see his best bud, Steven but there is no one home, except for Matt, Steven’s youngest brother, who is reading in his bedroom. The 20-year old twink lets him know that Steven is out and that he does not know what time he’ll be back. Carlo is a little bit pissed about coming over for nothing and he starts chatting with Matt, suggesting an alternative activity to reading… He kisses him on the lips and the cute twink lets him. Matt has been fantasizing for quite a while on his brother’s best friend, therefore, when the dream comes true, the embrace on Matt’s bed is bound to be passionate! The two guys soon find themselves in their boxers and Matt starts rubbing his slender body against the hot muscular 30-year-old. He lowers Carlo’s white briefs and takes his soft dick in his mouth. But Matt expertly moving his juicy lips up and down on his brother’s best friend’s dick soon makes Carlo hard. Then, Matt, who is not shy at all, gets on all fours to have his sweet hole eaten out by the 30-year-old hunk. Carlos feverishly tongues Matt’s hairless hole in such a way that he must have been coveting the twink’s ass for quite a while too… Then, he sticks his dick in and starts pounding his friend’s brother, who is panting louder and louder, which testifies to the increasing pleasure he is feeling in his body. The panting soon gives way to some moaning under the hot stud energetic thrusts. Carlo grabs Matt’s hips to tighten his grip and to fuck him harder and harder, while slapping his butt. Carlo exults in the warm feeling that comes over his hard dick. He finally pulls out to shoot his impressive load of hot spunk on the cute twink’s chest. There is so much chemistry between them that the two hotties cum almost simultaneously. Not sure that Steven approves of his best friend banging his youngest brother… But he should not have been out on the streets…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Matt Lopez and Carlo Sata
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