At Last, a Guy Made For Me!

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At Last, a Guy Made For Me!
le sperme coule encore At Last, a Guy Made For Me!
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Marc is bisexual. He lives with his girlfriend but when the opportunity arises to have sex with a Latino hottie before Menoboy Studios’ video camera, he seizes it. And the envy is mutual. Without uttering a word, the two cuties start making out and stroking each other on the couch of the apartment that Marc shares with his girlfriend. Marc has not had sex with a guy in quite a while and it shows: he is pushing his body up against Franco’s, kisses his partner’s neck, runs his fingers through his tousled hair… Soon, off are the shirts and the two hotties lie on top of each other. Marc licks his hot Latino friend’s nipples, kisses his flat stomach. It seems like he has an unquenchable thirst for Franco’s soft skin, kissing every square inch of his hot body. Then, he heads towards his new friend’s crotch, unbuckles his belts and starts exploring the area with his tongue and fingers. He is so horny that he does not even take off Franco’s jeans. He then plays with his partner’s hard dick through his boxers before lying down on the couch and offering his own dick to the Latino hottie. Franco does not waste any time and guzzles down Marc’s thick pole. While getting blown, the bisexual hottie resumes touching his partner’s dick before tilting his head to take it in his mouth. He slurps on Franco's cock and the two guys curl up in a 69 position on the couch. Cock-carving as they are, they deftly suck at each other’s dicks. Franco is so hungry for Marc’s thick pole that he cannot get enough of it: he nurses on his friend’s shaft, swirling his tongue around the head of Marc’s cock. Eventually, Franco sits on Marco’s dick and starts riding it… But Marc is so turned-on that he cannot control himself… After fucking Franco doggiestyle for a few minutes, he does not have time to pull out and shoots his load inside Franco’s hungry hole… That’s what happens when you don’t have sex with guys for on a regular basis… Sex is like sports: with practice comes stamina…
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  • Porn gay director Timcam
  • Models: Franco Ricone and Youxhi Napenno
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