My 20-year-old Physiotherapist

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My 20-year-old Physiotherapist
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With Afanasiy Volk and Carlo Sata

Ever since he was in a car accident six months ago, Carlo Sata has been meeting with his physiotherapist, Dr. Afanasyi Volk, every day. Carlo is still unable to walk and Dr. Volk wants to experiment a new postoperative rehabilitation protocol, which consists in doing some exercises in the pool. However, the movements that his doctor wants him to make are too painful. So, Dr Volk decides to try another approach, which turns out to be more efficient and far more enjoyable: after gently kissing his patient to ease the pain, the hairy-chested physiotherapist starts exploring his patient’s crotch. Eventually, he finds two exercises that Carlo can do. As a warm-up exercise, he gives his patient his hard dick to blow. The effect is immediate for Carlo: not only does his pain seem to be fading away but apparently, he also enjoys the hard medicine that he is tasting. Then, after blowing his patient in return to show him how to do this exercise properly, Dr. Volk moves on to a new set of exercises aiming at increasing his patient’s flexibility and strength. He asks him to stand on all fours and shoves his thick dick in Carlo’s tight manhole. Once again, the effect is immediate and outstanding: Afanasnsyi’s thrusts release a wave of hormones that seem to be acting like a powerful pain-killer. Since Carlo’s progress is great, the hot doctor decides to take the protocol to the next level and they move to a standing fuck, thus getting Carlos to strengthen his legs muscles and improve his stamina. And the results are positive. Finally, the last part of the postoperative rehabilitation protocol requires the patient to receive a biological treatment high in vitamins. But Carlo refuses to kneel down to take his medicine. So the two men finish themselves off, standing by the pool and they both spew their vitamin shots on the ground. What a waste! But there is not denying the fact that Dr. Volk is a kick-ass physiotherapist. When you have a gay doctor like him, who is ready to commit body and soul to his job, you do not need morphine and your progress is outstanding!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Afanasiy Volk and Carlo Sata
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