Collecting Prizes for Bingo Night at the Fire Department

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fellation avant éjaculation du pompier Collecting Prizes for Bingo Night at the Fire Department
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Adem is a firefighter in Montpellier. For Christmas, the Fire Department organizes a bingo night and he is canvassing the neighborhood to collect some prizes. Today, people have not been that generous so, Adem gives one last try before going back home, by knowking on the door of a local small company. The director of the company, Yohan, a suit-wearing hottie, opens the door and lets him in. He is eager to help but lets him know that what he sells may not be of interest for a fire department bingo night. When he walks into the store-room, Adem understands that the company is actually a sex shop. But the hot firefighter is open-minded and he manages to find a couple of items that are not too controversial…. While promoting the dildos that he sells, Yohan starts asking Adem if what people say about firefighters is true… Adem is no shy at all and he whips out his 8-inch-long hose to show the entrepreneur that he is up to his reputation. Yohan is impressed and, since he notices that Adem is half-hard, he cannot resist the urge of getting some taste of this nice dick that the firefighter dangles in front of him. He drops to his knees and starts blowing Adem. He really enjoys Adem’s dick because it is bigger than the sex toys he sells… After sucking Adem’s hose at length, the two hotties head to Yohan’s office, which is far more comfortable than the store-room. Yohan resumes sucking Adem’s juicy hose before getting on all fours on the chair that is usually reserved to customers. He gets his hole eaten out by the firefighter, who playfully tongues the cute entrepreneur’s warm hole. They then get down to business: the hot stud plunges his dick in and starts fucking Yohan up against his desk. Then, the firefighter flips the entrepreneur over and drills his hole on the desk. Usually, Adem rather puts out fires but tonight he is in the mood of lighting up a fire inside Yohan’s cock-craving hole! He goes wild on the entrepreneur’s ass until he shoots his warm load of spunk on Yohan’s belly, thus releasing the pressure he has been under for a week! Yohan realizes that it is far better to ride a nice real dick than the dildos he usually tests…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Yohann Drissan and Adem Lukas
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