Excusez-moi, Where is the Restroom?

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jeune acteur gay français Excusez-moi, Where is the Restroom?
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Tybo is putting away some bottles in the store-room of the gay bar in which he works when a Czech hottie walks in, thinking it is the restroom. After trying to talk to him, mingling several languages, Tybo tells him that the restroom is upstairs. But, all of a sudden, the handsome tourist is overcome by a different kind of envy and, unexpectedly, he grabs Tybo’s package. The French bartender is a little bit surprised but he knows how to deal with this kind of situation: he leans in and kisses the Czech hottie. The two tongues are struggling but, this time, in a concrete and enjoyable way… Ryan soon finds himself on his knees downing Tybo’s dick. He gives him a juicy blowjob, paying some close attention to his balls before getting blown in return by the French bartender, who gags on his thick prick. Soon, Tybo finds himself up against the wall, Ryan’s throbbing cock resting at the entrance of his sweet tight ass. Ryan slowly slides his dick in and, once Tybo’s hole is well dilated, he pounds him hard. There’s no need to talk. These two hotties understand each other well through their passionate moaning and knowing lustful eyes… Then, Tybo gets fucked up against the shelves and the Czech stud’s vigorous thrusts make the bottles rattle. It’s a real sexual earthquake that their steaming-hot embrace causes. The two hotties do have stamina and it shows! They exult in this nice ass-drilling session that literally blows their minds! After sucking each other’s dicks some more, they finish themselves off and the Czech stud shoots a rain of cum on Tybo’s flat stomach, proving that he really enjoyed the French bartender’s warm hole and skillful mouth. If Tybo had a hard time with the language barrier at first, he soon found out that sex is an international language that he masters perfectly!
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Tybo Calter and Ryan Quaid
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