One Night Stand

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sodomie non bareback One Night Stand
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Tonight, French hottie Tony Hilton goes over to Nathan’s, a guy he met online. But Nathan wanted to fulfil a fantasy: being video-taped while having sex. So, I get a call from Tony who asks me to come over and film them. A lot of guys share this fantasy and I am always eager to make their dream come true… But when I get there, the two hot guys are already going at it. Tony is getting a nice juicy blowjob from his hot buddy. So, I pull out the video camera as fast as I can and start rolling. To get even more pleasure the two hotties curl up in a 69 position. Then, Tony starts taking care of Nathan’s sweet ass, inserting his tongue in his friend’s puckered tight hole before shoving his dick in. On the bed, in front of the mirror, Tony fucks him on all fours, drilling his manhole harder and harder. Tony goes wild on Nathan’s ass and you can hear the sound of flesh flapping flesh. Believe me, it is HOT! And Nathan is loving it! The young stud then bangs his one night stand on his back. Nathan finds himself his hairy legs up in the air, which imparts some manly dimension to the scene. Tony feels so good in Nathan’s welcoming hole but the two hotties are soon in sweat and Tony pulls out to get his dick serviced some more. He quickly climaxes, blasting impressive shots of spooge on his buddy’s sweet face. Nathan could not be more excited and he shoots his creamy load on his hairy stomach. The two guys are happy and they head to the shower. It’s on tape, let’s go! A quick yet hot hookup that will surely makes you cum as quickly as those two cuties…
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  • Porn gay director Ludovic Peltier
  • Models: Nathan Bella and Tony Hilton
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